Faith’s Meat Kiosk – out today!

Monday, April 23, 2012


The 23rd release on the label is out today. It’s the 2nd LP from Friends of the Stars and it’s called “Faith’s Meat Kiosk”. This from the FOTS site:


Faith’s Meat Kiosk was officially released today, so Happy Release Day to us.

You can now buy Faith’s Meat Kiosk in iTunes, or stream it from Spotify, or find it in any number of other well-known digital retailers. You can also now listen to the whole LP over on our Bandcamp page where you can purchase a download, some seasoning, a CD, or various combinations of all or most of these.

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered music and / or chicken seasoning in the last month or so.  We’ve had messages from a lot of you to say that your packages arrived over the weekend, so we’re going to assume everyone got their goodies before the official release. If you pre-ordered a download only, or if you purchased something tangible, check your email inboxes for your download codes.

We hope you enjoy the record!

Love from,

Friends of the Stars

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