Next Release….Richard Burke – “An Ocean Full Of Broken Stars” (LP)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Next up on Commercially Inviable Records will be the wonderful LP “An Ocean Full of Broken Stars” by Richard Burke. The LP comes out on Monday 15th August, when it will be available worldwide through your friendly and local digital retailer. If you can’t wait until 15th August you can head over to the Commercially Inviable pages on Bandcamp where you’ll find the whole album available to stream now.

If you like what you hear, please spread the word.

If you really like what you hear then could purchase a Name-Your-Price download copy (a minimum price of £1), and spread the word by sharing that around with our blessing.

If you really, really like what you hear, then you could buy one of the ultra limited CD copies, which comes with a free download.

Limited CD release….

As well as being available in all the usual digital outlets and via Bandcamp, we also have a limited number of handmade CD albums available. Each one comes with a printed lyric sheet and a bonus live EP. The CDs are available via the Bandcamp page for £8 + p&p


As with all of our releases we hope to reach as many discerning music fans as we can. It’s a big world out there and it has a short attention span, so getting our music heard can be a tricky thing to do. We’re a small label without much of a budget and even less of a clue, but it’s not impossible, not with your help, anyway. We happen to think Richard and this LP  are pretty great, so if you do too please do pass around these links to your Twitter buddies, Facebook friends and whoever else you hang around with.

Link to this page:

Link to Richard’s LP on Bandcamp:

About Richard Burke..

Richard Burke previously screamed his way through seven years of Indie rock mayhem with the wonderfully shambolic Starries before deciding that his delicate, lusty vocal chords were much better suited to the comparatively quieter world of off-kilter folk.

“An Ocean Full Of Broken Stars”, clocks in at just under 30 minutes and is simply a magical, mesmerising collection of songs. Listeners to the album will immediately be drawn to the track “Brown Eyes, Dark Hair” and his stunning, highly personal take on Yazoo’s “Only You”.

Throughout the record and at his live shows, Burke consistently wraps his words and melodies around musical arrangements that would fall flat in the hands of less dexterous vocalists. Whilst Indie Rock mourns his loss, Off-Kilter Folk can rejoice as he melds the fluent guitar style of Jose Gonzalez to the tunefulness of Teenage Fanclub, all the while incorporating his wonderfully quirky and often heart-wrenching lyrics.

To paraphrase the shy, often self-deprecating man himself, some people just think he’s shit. A more generous, objective observer would suggest that such people merely fail to see his worth. For the record, we think the naysayers are misguided fools.

Enjoy the LP!




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