There’s a new James Summerfield LP on the way, and YOU can choose the title

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James Summerfield and his new band will be recording his fourth album in July 2011. It will be released as a ’name your price’ download and as a strictly limited CD. Although we do not have an official release date, it’s likely to be available before Christmas 2011.

In the meantime, James is inviting you to suggest the title for his new LP. This is from his website:

“If you would like to order a signed hard copy of the album with artwork etc, then send an email to stating your name and address, then we will reserve you a copy and make contact with you once the official release date is confirmed (please note, you do not have to pay at this stage). James would also like to hear your ideas for album titles so make sure you email your suggestion before August 2011, and if it makes it, you’ll get a free copy!”

To help you make your suggestion we’ve made 6 demo tunes available as a free download on our Bandcamp site. The winning entry will receive a credit in the sleeve notes, signed copies of the CD, and various other goodies. Also, and if you’re not too far away from Birmingham, we’ll see if we can get James and his band to come and play a special show just for you and your mates.

You can also suggest your title over on Twitter. James is @jwsummerfield and we are @cominrecoreds, or you can use the hashtag #namejslp in your post and we’ll find it.

Enjoy the tunes and get thinking!

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