New Release! World of Fox’s “Borrowed Times” album, out 14th October

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We’re proud to announce that on 14th October we’ll be releasing the new album by World of Fox, “Borrowed Times” (COMIN025)

Commercially Inviable released the debut World of Fox LP, “Everything Is For The Best”, back in 2008, and since then he has gone one to release some highly acclaimed music via Where It’s At Is Where You Are Records. He returns to the Commercially Inviable fold with a special collection of new recordings entitled ‘Borrowed Times’. The album will be available digitally through all good retailers, and also on streaming music services. Alongside the digital release there is also a limited edition CD version.

World of Fox

You can order your digital and/or physical copies over on the Commercially Inviable Bandcamp page, where we also have a bundle that collects both World of Fox LPs on Commercially Inviable, and a Deluxe bundle that contains CDs, downloads and a limited art print by Ruth Green, the artist responsible for all World of Fox artwork to date.

You can listen to tracks from the album using the player below:

New Release! James Summerfield returns with his 4th LP

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The next release on Commercially Inviable will be COMIN024, the 4th album from the marvellous James Summerfield, “Two Brothers Leave Home”. The album will be released on 28th January 2013 and will be available as a Digital Download and a Limited Edition CD.

The 12 tracks on the LP were produced by James himself, ably assisted by some Commercially Inviable labelmates. Simon Fox (aka World of Fox) provides backing vocals, guitars and banjo, whilst Anna Russell from Friends of the Stars adds her considerable vocal talents to several tracks.

We think this is James’ best LP to date, and it is already generating a stir amongst the Folk press and at James’ live shows, where fans have been snapping up advance CD copies. The album will be available worldwide from all good digital retailers from 28th January 2013.

In the meantime, you can pre-order the album (or CD) from the Commercially Inviable Bandcamp page. All orders of the CD come with a free download of the digital copy. Those placing pre-orders of the album get to download two tracks, “Nervous Dancer” and “Oliver”, straight away.

If you’d like a taste, James and his partner Suzy (who also plays pianet on the LP), made this video for Nervous Dancer on a recent trip to Japan.

Here is that pre-order link again:

As usual, your efforts in kindly sharing this information around amongst your friends would be greatly appreciated. James is now on Twitter (@jwsummerfield), so I’m sure he’d appreciate your thoughts on the new songs.

Roll up, Roll up, and Roll On, January 28th.

COMIN023 - Faith’s Meat Kiosk - out today!

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The 23rd release on the label is out today. It’s the 2nd LP from Friends of the Stars and it’s called “Faith’s Meat Kiosk”. This from the FOTS site:


Faith’s Meat Kiosk was officially released today, so Happy Release Day to us.

You can now buy Faith’s Meat Kiosk in iTunes, or stream it from Spotify, or find it in any number of other well-known digital retailers. You can also now listen to the whole LP over on our Bandcamp page where you can purchase a download, some seasoning, a CD, or various combinations of all or most of these.

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered music and / or chicken seasoning in the last month or so.  We’ve had messages from a lot of you to say that your packages arrived over the weekend, so we’re going to assume everyone got their goodies before the official release. If you pre-ordered a download only, or if you purchased something tangible, check your email inboxes for your download codes.

We hope you enjoy the record!

Love from,

Friends of the Stars

COMIN023 - “Faith’s Meat Kiosk” - Friends of the Stars

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The next release on the label will be COMIN023, the 2nd album from Friends of the Stars. We’ll let the band take up the story….


Our 2nd LP, “Faith’s Meat Kiosk“, is coming out on 23rd April 2012 and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with Birmingham’s wonderful Jack Rabbit and created our very own Fried Chicken Seasoning.

You can pre-order it now from our shop. It comes in a number of flavours, all of which include a download of the “Faith’s Meat Kiosk” LP. All prices for physical goods include postage and packing.

Digital Download - £3 (or more, if you wish)

Fried Chicken Seasoning - £5 - a 50g packet of our fabulous seasoning

CD - £12 - a ‘vinyl’ CD in a full colour gatefold sleeve

Combo - £15 - the CD and the seasoning..

DELUXE! - £25 - 2 (TWO!) packets of seasoning, a CD copy of “Faith’s Meat Kiosk“, a CD copy of our first LP, “Lighting & Electrical“, and a handmade, numbered, uber-limited CD of demos and live versions of the songs from the “Faith’s Meat Kiosk” LP.

If you’d like to order some, or spread the word, go to

We really hope you enjoy the new songs and the seasoning. Both were made with love.


Friends of the Stars

Fields of Ypres EP - “For Every Hour” - Out Now!

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The next release on the label is the wonderful EP by Fields of Ypres, “For Every Hour”.  As of Monday 31st October, you’ll find the EP available in all good digital retailers. You can also get a digital copy of the EP for a name-your-price download on the Commercially Inviable Bandcamp page.

This EP is part of an ongoing series of limited edition EPs from the label. We have 100 physical copies of the EP available as a CD single, each of which comes in a hand-made, numbered sleeve, and with a download code. These will be available from Bandcamp and at forthcoming Fields of Ypres shows.

We’re really happy to be adding Fields of Ypres to our small but perfectly formed roster. Fields of Ypres is Graham Phillips, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Wolverhampton, UK who decided to contact us in 2010 to see if we’d be interested in releasing his tunes. It didn’t take us long to decide that we would like that very much indeed.

We’ll let Graham take up the story from here and allow him to explain his chosen name and what brought him here…

“The evocative name is a metaphor for new life, every year the fields surrounding the town of Ypres flush red in a sea of poppies, a beautiful contrast to their painful history.  After recovering from a long drawn out illness in 2009, I returned home to the West Midlands and set about writing a new set of songs, I felt like I’d been given a fresh start.  My debut EP,  “For Every Hour”, recorded at home and at friends houses and then mixed and mastered by Mike Odmark over at Grey Matters Studios, Nashville, TN, is the culmination of this journey.  Drawing influence from songwriters such as Aaron Roche, Nathan Phillips, Bon Iver and Nick Drake amongst others, I’ve sought to capture pieces of life in their fleeting, bittersweet and beautiful form.”

We hope you enjoy the EP. We think it’s one of the best we’ve released so far.

All the best,


Next Release….Richard Burke - “An Ocean Full Of Broken Stars” (LP)

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Next up on Commercially Inviable Records will be the wonderful LP ”An Ocean Full of Broken Stars” by Richard Burke. The LP comes out on Monday 15th August, when it will be available worldwide through your friendly and local digital retailer. If you can’t wait until 15th August you can head over to the Commercially Inviable pages on Bandcamp where you’ll find the whole album available to stream now.

If you like what you hear, please spread the word.

If you really like what you hear then could purchase a Name-Your-Price download copy (a minimum price of £1), and spread the word by sharing that around with our blessing.

If you really, really like what you hear, then you could buy one of the ultra limited CD copies, which comes with a free download.

Limited CD release….

As well as being available in all the usual digital outlets and via Bandcamp, we also have a limited number of handmade CD albums available. Each one comes with a printed lyric sheet and a bonus live EP. The CDs are available via the Bandcamp page for £8 + p&p


As with all of our releases we hope to reach as many discerning music fans as we can. It’s a big world out there and it has a short attention span, so getting our music heard can be a tricky thing to do. We’re a small label without much of a budget and even less of a clue, but it’s not impossible, not with your help, anyway. We happen to think Richard and this LP  are pretty great, so if you do too please do pass around these links to your Twitter buddies, Facebook friends and whoever else you hang around with.

Link to this page:

Link to Richard’s LP on Bandcamp:

About Richard Burke..

Richard Burke previously screamed his way through seven years of Indie rock mayhem with the wonderfully shambolic Starries before deciding that his delicate, lusty vocal chords were much better suited to the comparatively quieter world of off-kilter folk.

“An Ocean Full Of Broken Stars”, clocks in at just under 30 minutes and is simply a magical, mesmerising collection of songs. Listeners to the album will immediately be drawn to the track “Brown Eyes, Dark Hair” and his stunning, highly personal take on Yazoo’s “Only You”.

Throughout the record and at his live shows, Burke consistently wraps his words and melodies around musical arrangements that would fall flat in the hands of less dexterous vocalists. Whilst Indie Rock mourns his loss, Off-Kilter Folk can rejoice as he melds the fluent guitar style of Jose Gonzalez to the tunefulness of Teenage Fanclub, all the while incorporating his wonderfully quirky and often heart-wrenching lyrics.

To paraphrase the shy, often self-deprecating man himself, some people just think he’s shit. A more generous, objective observer would suggest that such people merely fail to see his worth. For the record, we think the naysayers are misguided fools.

Enjoy the LP!

World of Fox news

hello chaps!

a whole heap of news for you this time round.

indietracks: first up, i’m delighted to be playing indietracks festival this coming weekend. i’ll be on the church stage at2.20pm on saturday 30th july. if you come and see me play, one of my glamorous assistants will give you a free cd! you can have a free copy of the basic cd version of respect on the door. all my stuff will be on sale at the merch stall, but if you want to get a freebie, you have to come to the show.

new single: my next single will be out very soon on where it’s at is where you are records. this download single closes the loop on my respect project, which had me covering a whole heap of songs from the 1980s and already incorporated 12 monthly downloads in 2010, an album and single released at midnight 1st january 2011. there was a competition to choose two 1980s songs for me to cover for the second single. luckily, the winners, dunc vernon and tim chamberlain, showed excellent taste and you’ll be able to download my versions of “flowers” by galaxie 500 and “pristine christine” by the sea urchins. nice!

you know, for kids!: i’ve just recorded a new song for the pop! for kids project. it’s a great idea, getting artists to make music for kids that doesn’t suck - a must for culturally aware parents everywhere. you can download for free my version ofpure imagination, originally sung by the great gene wilder in my all-time favourite film, willy wonka & the chocolate factory.

website update: i’ve finally got round to adding a shopping cart to the music page. this makes it much easier for you to order multiple items. when you click on “add to cart” a shopping cart is automatically generated. you can review and amend your purchases before you buy. p.s. you don’t need a paypal account to buy anything.

i’ve uploaded the complete works of krafla to soundcloud. you can download all the tracks for free! for those of you who don’t know…

“lovely electronica.” huw stephensbbc radio 1.

krafla was steve hough (einstellungcable regimegodfleshgrover) and simon fox. extending the experimental tendencies of grover, krafla developed into a long-term project, mixing live instruments and electronica. a debut 7″ single on static caravan records was followed by an e.p. release on bearos records. krafla add layers of depth and instrumentation to fragile song structures and delicate melodies.

29th-31st july 2011
indietracks festival
butterley station, butterley hill, ripley de5 3qz
with jeffrey lewis, edwyn collins, jonny and loads more…
stop press: i’m on in the church on saturday afternoon, 2.20pm - free cd for everyone who attends my show!

13th august 2011
a grand day in
the windmill
22 blenheim garden, london wc1n 3lz


10th november 2011
folk for free
birmingham symphony hall*
centenary square, birmingham



There’s a new James Summerfield LP on the way, and YOU can choose the title

James Summerfield and his new band will be recording his fourth album in July 2011. It will be released as a ’name your price’ download and as a strictly limited CD. Although we do not have an official release date, it’s likely to be available before Christmas 2011.

In the meantime, James is inviting you to suggest the title for his new LP. This is from his website:

“If you would like to order a signed hard copy of the album with artwork etc, then send an email to stating your name and address, then we will reserve you a copy and make contact with you once the official release date is confirmed (please note, you do not have to pay at this stage). James would also like to hear your ideas for album titles so make sure you email your suggestion before August 2011, and if it makes it, you’ll get a free copy!”

To help you make your suggestion we’ve made 6 demo tunes available as a free download on our Bandcamp site. The winning entry will receive a credit in the sleeve notes, signed copies of the CD, and various other goodies. Also, and if you’re not too far away from Birmingham, we’ll see if we can get James and his band to come and play a special show just for you and your mates.

You can also suggest your title over on Twitter. James is @jwsummerfield and we are @cominrecoreds, or you can use the hashtag #namejslp in your post and we’ll find it.

Enjoy the tunes and get thinking!

James Summerfield supporting Pete Yorn this Friday

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Commercially Inviable artist James Summerfield will be supporting Pete Yorn at the HMV Institute, Birmingham, this coming Friday, 20th May.

Tickets are £12 and available here

See you there!

World of Fox news

News message from World of Fox…

hello chums!

i’ve got some exciting news for this summer!

all aboard!
i’ll be playing this year’s indietracks festival! it’s great boutique festival in derbyshire. it features loads of indie bands and you get there by steam train! headliners this year are jeffrey lewis and edwyn collins, so i’m in pretty good company. details on which day and stage i’m playing as soon as they’re released. there’ll be an indietracks compilation coming out too, so look out for that. there’s even an interview with me here, if you’re interested.

as if that’s not enough, i’ll also be playing a lovely intimate little get together in varberg, sweden: blazfest. those lovely chaps the winter olympics asked me to play their annual indoor barbecue and all-dayer a grand day in at the brixton windmill.

respect is due
don’t forget that my respect competition closes on 1st june 2011. if you buy the deluxe version of my latest album, respect, and email me the limited edition number, you’ll go into the hat for a free prize draw. two winners get to choose a song from the 1980s which i will record as my next single! there’s only a handful left, so don’t leave it too late! if you’ve already bought it, email me with your edition number to enter.

on me shed, son
videos from the shed sessions we recorded last summer are finally online! i’ve posted them up on my blog so you can have a look.

so, here are the gig details:

29th may 2011
the free love club the yardbird, paradise place, birmingham b3 3hj

16th july 2011
blazfest varberg, sweden

29th-31st july 2011
indietracks festival, butterley station, butterley hill, ripley de5 3qz
with jeffrey lewis, edwyn collins and loads more…

13th august 2011
a grand day inthe windmill 22 blenheim garden, london wc1n 3lz